Frequently Asked Questions

Why book your session with Joyful Girl Photography?

My joyful families come to me for a variety of reasons, but the biggest comment I hear from my clients is how touched they are that I captured the beauty and soul of their kids and family in such a honest way. My Joyful sessions are full of laughter and fun and tender moments. It is not uncommon for me to get big hugs or high fives from kids after the session, and this warms my heart. It means that they had fun. It means that they shared a bit of themselves with me. It means that they trusted me. It means that their images will be full of soul and love.

What will be our typical process together?

Once you book your session, I will send you a Welcome Packet full of information to make our session a success! Then about a week before our session I will call you to work out details and help you with any questions you might have. Of course then we will have our awesome on-location photo shoot! About two weeks after that shoot, I will come to your home with good things to eat and we will have a viewing party where I will help you make the best artwork choices for your family (this is a really fun time!). Typically most artwork will be in your home two weeks after your order.

Do you have a studio?

To me, there is something so beautiful about photographing outside with the golden sun or interesting architecture, that I have decided not to have a studio at this point.

When is the best time to schedule our session?

Sessions typically take place on Tuesday evenings, or Saturday mornings. If you have little ones who do better in the morning and hit a crabby wall in the evenings, then those morning sessions are right for you. If you have older children who can still be “happy” in the evenings and always have Saturday activities scheduled, then a Tuesday evening session is a great option for your family.

How far in advance should we book our session?

During the summer season, sessions typically book out about one month in advance. Fall sessions can fill up faster as everyone loves a good fall shoot!

Where will my session take place?

We will work together before your session to find the best location to fit your needs. Some families have a specific location in mind that holds special meaning to them – I am happy to go there. Other times families prefer to let me select a location.

How long will our session last?

Sessions typically last one and a half to three hours, but each session is custom and there is not a hard limit on our time together. I always want to be sure that we get all the images we need and that your kids are happy. Sometimes this means that we stop for a little snack or to roll in the grass, and that is ok – it’s all part of spending time with kids.

What should we wear?

Wear something that makes you feel really good. Fun patterns and colors are great on kids. We will chat about this more once your session is booked. But, I always recommend bringing lots of clothing to your session so you can just relax and let me help you with this decision!

Can you retouch boo boos, scars and wrinkles?

Yes, and my clients love this extra free service!

When will our Session Premier take place?

Session Premiers typically take place within a few weeks of your photo shoot, and final print orders will be ready within two weeks of full payment.

How much do clients spend at their Session Premier?

Typically, clients invest from $900 to $2500 on their custom artwork and/or digital files. More on your investment here.

Do you offer the print-ready digital files?

Yes! Two of my Collections include the digital files, ready for printing!

Do you archive session image files?

I archive your purchased images for one year. Images that are not purchased are purged from my systems monthly, in order to make room for new clients.

Do you mentor other photographers?

I do and I love it! My private mentoring program is for photographers who work at least 250 miles from the Twin Cities Metro Area. Click here for more information.

Finally, how can we book our session?!

Booking is really easy. Just click here to get started!

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