A moment of consciousness…{Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

It was late and I had a big photography project on my mind – and I was in bed – not sleeping. So I sent an email to get it off of my mind, and as I was walking down the stairs from my office I had an overwhelming desire to snuggle with my 16-month old son. 
Sometimes I feel like I am living in a haze. Like I am living an unconscious life, just trying to keep up and not really thinking about everything as I go along. (Moms, do you feel me?) 

But through the haze, I have strong moments of consciousness. Moments where there is something bigger than myself leading me to be aware of life. Where my breaths are slower and my heart is happy and my thoughts are only focused on what is in front of me. Oh how I love and seize these moments!

When I am working with my clients, this focus happens so easily for me. I feel so present with them and their children and I don’t ever think about anything else. But when it comes to my personal life, the moments do not always come without effort. But I was blessed last night. 
I lifted my little Abe out of his crib and brought him to bed with us. We snuggled so close. I kissed his cheek, and in his sleep he made a kissing noise with his lips. I smelled his hair. Actually it would be more accurate to say I deeply inhaled the smell of his hair. I smelled his breath. I thought about his tummy always full of Cheerioes and milk and if that was why his breath smelled the way it did. I kissed his cute lips. I rubbed his tummy. I felt his toes. I fell asleep with my arm around him and my face snuggled in his neck. It was beautiful, and so is my son. I thank God for him every day.
I took these shots a couple days ago. One look at those cheeks and you can see why I kiss them so often! I hope you didn’t mind my gushing for a bit.:)
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