A Parenthood Guarantee – {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

All in all I think I do a pretty darn good job being a mom. I adore my children and we have a lot of fun together. But sometimes I feel like my parenting skills are less than adequate. During these times, my dad reminds me that one of the only guarantees that comes with parenthood is guilt!

You know those days. When I think about how I should have taken more time to read them a story. How come I didn’t just let Bella mix the cookie batter instead of having to do it myself? Why am I so desperate for them to take a nap today?! (Moms, I know you feel me.)

Yesterday was one of those guilt days. It was my little Abe’s second birthday. I didn’t have any presents for him. We didn’t have a cake. We don’t have a party planned. I didn’t even take a photograph of him (gasp!)! But before you pass out from gasping too hard, I need you to know that I did sing to him over and over again and he did have presents from his grandma to open and we did let him stay up late so we could all snuggle and watch The Jungle Book together (his pick, by the way). But life has been so busy that I didn’t do my good motherly duty and go all birthday crazy. I keep telling myself that he will not know the difference if we celebrate on his birthday or sometime in July…or August! I am kind of kidding, but not really.

To make up for my lack of birthday spirit for my son yesterday, I thought I would get into the spirit today for an oh-so-cute little girl named MeMe, whom I met at Lisa & Mike’s wedding. Today is her first birthday! How could I let the day go by without posting some photographs of her? She is so precious and good, and with parents like hers, will grow up to be a lot of fun. When we left the wedding, MeMe and her parents were just getting warmed up on the dance floor!

So, Happy Birthday to MeMe! You are too cute…

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