Meet Jessie

Hello! My name is Jessie. I am a professional photographer, wife, and mom of three little ones. After eight years of parenthood and over five years as a professional photographer, not a lot scares me anymore! Crying doesn’t phase me. Kids crazily running around in circles? No problem!

Fortunately, other people’s kids like me. They are amused by my silly ways. I get hugs at the ends of my shoots – even from the kids who woke up crabby the morning of their photoshoot (of course they did!). If I had a nickel for every time I heard a mom say during a shoot, “Wow, he/she really likes you!” – I would have, well, whatever five cents times a lot is (I am a photographer – not a mathematician!).

Let me share a little story with you so you know that I get you. And that I can help you…

I have a son who can be a little rascal darling. He is three. He loves to cause mischief in order to get his older siblings to laugh. It works. The problem is that I am not always laughing at his antics. During one of my last photoshoots with my kiddos, he decided that it would be fun to make a silly face whenever he was in front of the camera. I was getting frustrated. But then I remembered something – Yes! – I have been a professional photographer for years now! – I have loads of tricks up my sleeves! Remove mom hat, put on pro hat, and viola! I helped him forget he was in front of the camera, and now I get to enjoy the images that show the true (mischievous) sparkle in his eyes!


In addition to Mr. Mischief, I have a daughter and another son and a husband/best friend. We have a fun and simple life, full of God and family and color and spilled bowls of cereal! My family fills my heart with joy that is too big to put into words. I guess that that is why I became a photographer. To show that joy through images.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little about me. Now I have the joy of getting to know more about you! Click here to book your session. I look forward to it!

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