Beauty from the inside out…{Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

My son has a crush on little Freya – it must be that cute smile. One look at her beautiful parents, and you can see she is destined to be a beauty. You can be sure that my little Abe will have a crush on Freya for a long time.

I must admit however, that I would be more than happy for a Freya-Abe crush because Freya’s parents are our dear friends. There’s no doubt they are beautiful on the outside, but they are even more beautiful on the inside. Yes, I have high hopes for Freya…from the inside out.

I thought I would share a fun spontaneous mini-shoot from the weekend. The combination of this beautiful family and my new video software was way to much to resist!


  • November 6, 2008 - 8:26 am

    Anonymous - Freya and her parents are beautiful! Jess, I am so proud of you. You have been able to find the perfect balance/career for yourself. I have always been a fan of your stories/writing. I have also appreciated your constant picture taking (only when I have the pictures in my hand…not when you’re constantly making me pose.) The combination of the two is just right. Love you, Maggie

  • December 5, 2008 - 3:22 pm

    Anonymous - Jessie, your work beautifully captures the spirit of joy and wonder in a child. As Freya's grandpa, I cannot help but laugh and cry simultaneously when I see Freya, Matt & Christa enjoying their time playing in the autumn leaves on her first birthday. Thank you for helping us re-live that wonderful memory! Grandpa Mike

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