Dear Nick, {Minneapolis Senior Photographer}

Dear Nick,

I am so sorry about what happened. I know that you must be so upset. It is hard to accept I am sure. But you must face the truth. Yes, the Vikings beat the Packers today. Did you want to come back down again for the traitor-Farve-jersey-in-dumpster shot you mentioned? 😉 Let me know.

Anyway, you were such a good sport on Sunday’s shoot that I had to post my favorite image as a little sneak peek for you. I know it was chilly. And rainy. And bright. And that you had a cold. And that you had to hang out with your mom and I. And that I dragged you into strange places and fixed your shirt and made your knees hurt. Sorry about that.

I sure hope you like this shot and think it was all worth it because I think you look awesome!

Thanks again for being such a good sport!


And to my wonderful regular readers – I am sorry too! Perhaps I will get back to blogging again and play a little blog catch-up. I have a super cool story to share with you soon…


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