Happy New Year! {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

I am full of good intentions. This year I intended to organize my kitchen cupboards. To make muffins with my daughter. To go for a family walk every night after dinner. And of course to send out Christmas cards. Well, I got a little busy doing everyone else’s cards and didn’t quite get to my own. So, my friends and family got New Years cards this year (hey, better late than never!).
I thought I would share them here in my blog too. Happy new year to you!! 

Text on Back:
They say that life goes by quickly, one moment you go from changing their 
diapers to their first day of school to driving them to college. That we should treasure our moments now when they are young, when we have dance parties in the living room and storytime on the couch and snuggle time before bed. Moments when Bella spontaneously looks up at you smiling and says, “I love you”, and when Abe gives a big hug with his arms and legs wrapped around you, the smell of his skin so sweet. 
Yes, we were blessed this year with many treasured moments. We have wonderfully happy and healthy kids. We enjoy our time together. We have amazing friends and families. We love our home. We take little adventures. 
We laugh. We love. We dance. 
We wish many blessings for you and yours in 2009. May you have many treasured moments. 
To laugh. To love. To dance. 
Luke, Jessie, Bella (2), and Abe (1)


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