Happy October 12th! {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

As we sipped our hot chocolate I was so happy. It felt so good to have cold red cheeks from outside in the cold and snow. To have my sweater on. To be getting warm over hot chocolate with my kids. To see the beautiful snow coming down outside…on October 12th!

I know that all you non-Minnesotans think that it snows here all the time, and today, you would be right. However there are many a Christmases where we are all praying for a little snow.

I think it makes it easier to accept this year’s early snow since it is supposed to get back to normal (temps in the 60s) this weekend. Yes, I love the snow but am not quite ready for it to hang around…

Here are a couple shots I had to take to show proof of snow!



{One small note: Many parents comment that they wish that they could take images of their kids like I can. I have a little secret…I can’t take photos of my kids like I can either! One of the most difficult things to photograph is your own children. When I photograph other people’s kids, they think that I am new and interesting. They fall for all my same old tricks. They are not used to my camera in their face. It’s wonderful. My kids know all of my tricks and are soooooo tired of the camera in their faces. Bella is now in the phase where she either does everything she can to avoid me or gives me a funny or fake face. I guess I will just have to work that much harder!}


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