Hard to use the word “spit” for such a pretty girl. {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

The big eyes, and the dark hair, and the cheeks (yup, the cheeks too)…she is the spittin’ image of her mother. And at only one, she is already her mom’s reflection. (If you saw her mom you would know that that is not a bad thing to be.)
Little Sofie was tired when I showed up bright and early, and not completely sure about me. And to be honest, I am not sure if I won her over the entire time I was there. I am quite certain that her thoughts went from “stranger” to “strange jumping and cooing stranger…with a wagon.” You see, I brought this little red wagon and Sofie loved it. She wanted to sit in it the entire time and was quite happy to be pulled by her brother, Ethan. And we got some great shots – tired or not – stranger or strange jumping stranger.
I can take some credit for these shots, but I must also admit that when my subjects are such beautiful kids it sure makes my job a whole lot easier… 

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