White Bear Lake Photographers | He had much better things to do…

His mother had warned me in advance. “So,” I said pointing to Claire, “you want to be here…and you,” (finger now pointed at her brother) “do not!” The mom and sister laughed, and the brother Matthew sternly agreed with me without a smile. I think that on the spot he could have announced 100 things he would rather be doing with his Friday morning than spending it taking photographs with me. I was going to have to work extra hard.

As you may have noticed I do not blog anymore (leave it to me to create a new blogsite and then never blog!), but today I had to post these two photographs from this morning’s session because they made me chuckle. The first image repersents how the shoot could have gone…

And this image represnts how the shoot actually went!

We ended up having a really great time and these two kids made me laugh so much – they were wonderful! Maybe next time taking photographs with me will make Matthew’s “Top 100 things to do on a Friday morning” list…


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