Welcome to my new blog! {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

I was waiting to announce my new blog until it was just perfect. And then I worked on a client’s print order instead of working on my blog. And then I worked on an album design for a client. And then I went shopping for my new office. And then I went to a photography workshop. And then I met with a client to discuss our upcoming shoot. And, and, and…in the meantime my not-yet-finished blog sat on the sidelines, looking at me like the puppy that has been waiting all morning for you to take him for a walk and you keep asking for 10 more minutes until it is too late to go for a walk so you go to bed (sorry, spot!). 

So rather than keep waiting, I decided that I am ok with launching my less-than-perfect blog. One day soon I will be at my desk and take the time to make those last few tweaks and finalize this blog design. Until then, I hope you can forgive the little imperfections….


  • May 20, 2009 - 10:21 pm

    Ariellelanghorne1@mac.com - OMG, she looks just like you! What a beautiful picture. I had such a great time on our 4 days getaway, thank you for being the best roommate ever. Stay in touch.

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