Her excitement has that effect. {Minneapolis Wedding Photographer}

They got engaged and went for dinner. And when Ben came back from the bathroom, Megan was excitedly telling the strangers next to their table that they were engaged. She was so excited that she told everyone, and I am sure that she made them smile. Her excitement has that effect. Even months later, when I think about our first meeting, she still makes me smile.

“I get to marry Ben!” she told me excitedly. “I get to marry Ben {insert huge smile and rockin’ arm movements}!” She wore her joy on her sleeve. His joy was a little deeper, but still evident as he smiled. Evident as he gave her one of those looks like I-am-pretending-to-be-embarrassed-by-your-enthusiasm-but-really-think-that-you-are-the most-precious-thing-that-I-have-ever-seen. Yes, that is how they roll.

And when their wedding came that joy overflowed into tears. There were so many touching moments. Like when they invited her daughter in for their first look before the ceremony and “Benny” was telling Abigail how today it was going to be official. Today he gets to be her official step-dad. And the look in her eyes was so precious that it was too much for Megan. (It was too much for me too – It is not easy to take photos while getting all emotional!)

Then came the ceremony and we all cried with them as they committed to their lives together.

And then it was time to party. And all the joy of the laughing kind was back. And it was a wonderful day.

Many blessings to you, Megan and Ben (and Abigail too!). Thank you for letting us into your special world. Your joy is wonderful.






This next shot is one of my favorite shots of all time! While I would like to take credit for it, I cannot. It was taken by the best second shooter in the whole world. Yup, by my hubby Luke!





Megan’s dad officiated. Her sister was her bride’s maid. Her daughter was the flower girl. What a wonderful family affair! And what a beautiful walk to take to the ceremony…





After the ceremony we got into the limo. I asked the driver if we could stop by a spot so I could take some photos of the wedding party. “Leif Erickson Park?” he asked. {We were in Duluth, afterall, and that is the “scenic/cute” park on the lake.} “Nope,” I said. “To an alley downtown off of Michigan Ave.” He did a fairly good job hiding his surprise but it amused me anyway. You see, while location scouting for this wedding, I had fallen in love with this doorway. And despite the rain {check out the sidewalk} the images were so much fun – just like all of the wedding party themselves!






  • October 11, 2009 - 11:04 pm

    Arielle - Girl, you rock! What a beautiful wedding. Way to direct the whole wedding party for a special spot to photograph, good ahead planing too. I can’t wait to see what you’ll be doing after your november workshop. Keep it up!

  • October 23, 2009 - 1:55 pm

    Al and Beryl - Jessie – we finally found your website and blog. Your pictures are wonderful!

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