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I have a new respect for Honey Boo Boo. To be able to act normal and natural and pretend that there are not people in your house with cameras in your face? Now that is a skill! But I guess that when you are a kid you forget about all those things that trouble us adults like clean houses and wrinkles and things in your teeth.


Why were there film crews at my house? It all started with the question “Why not?”

Three years ago I was at ECFE when a writer from NY (Jennifer Senior) asks our group if she can sit in on our discussion – why not, right? Then months later, Jennifer contacts me and asks if she can come to my house and observe my family – why not? Then she comes for a couple days and asks if she can put us in her book, All Joy and No Fun – why not? Then the book comes out and she asks me if we would be interested in being on Good Morning America – why not?

Are there times in your life when you wish you would have said, “Why not?” and gone for it? Are there times when you did and were happy about it…or regretted it?

And for the ultimate “why not?” – here is my husband getting powder on before our interview. That is something I thought that I would never see!


And in the end do I regret going for it? Not at all! This process helped me learn so much about myself. It made me stop and realize that I actually am a happy mom with WAY more joys in this life than “no fun” moments. My only sadness is that in four hours of filming the joyful bits of our family, TV drama won and they decided to take the angle showing parenting difficulties. I guess that is just TV. Maybe I get Honey Boo Boo a bit more even though I have never actually seen her show. Maybe their family is just a normal family. Or maybe not.


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