I take photographs {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

Some moms write things down. Some have some super-human memories. I take photographs.

I am afraid to forget the beautiful and the everyday. I am afraid to forget that moment a few days ago when my kids were looking out the window in my office while I worked. How cute they were watching the world go by. How big and little they are all at the same time. How precious they are to me.
My journaling intentions always fall by the wayside. But I am never far from my camera. And I always feel some comfort as I release the shutter to capture one more moment of my children that will never be again. I am thankful that I take photographs.
(By the way, the windows in my office are pretty much at floor-length and always locked and closed – I didn’t want anyone to think that I am letting my kids climb up high onto windows while I worried about getting the perfect shot!)
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