Invasion of the fruit fly {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

She was suddenly terrified. As in, screeching-with-bulging-eyes-and-doing-her-best-not-to-wet-her-pants-in-fear, terrified. “IT’S A BUG!” she screamed over and over in the 30-second ordeal. 
Who knew a little fruit fly could create such chaos? If only it knew the power it had over my little Bella at that moment it may have taken advantage of it. “Hey kid, give me some of that banana or I will keep dive bombing your face, he he!” {To be too honest here I have to admit that just now while sitting here alone and typing that last quote from a make-believe mean-spirited fruit fly, I actually read the words aloud as I typed – in a deep, rough, mean-spirited fruit fly voice. I need a nap!}
All this drama happened while I was doing my daily practice – yes, another goal for 2009. I want to try to take an image a day for an entire year and see what I learn and how I grow and what images come out of it. We were sitting at the table today talking about our zoo trip tomorrow and Bella looked so cute that I grabbed my camera to make that moment part of that practice. I got about four frames in before the fruit fly invasion. Aside from the sympathy I feel for Bella, I so love her face in the shots! Hard to beat true emotion.
I hope you enjoy the images and are perhaps inspired to start a daily practice of your own.

Sometimes I wonder if emotional kids grow into emotional teens and emotional adults. If so, then I am in trouble.
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