It makes me chuckle. {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

I am guilty. And I bet you are too. Have not all of us parents uttered the words, “Smile and you can have a treat when we are done!” or “Hey! Stop making faces now. We need a nice picture for grandma and grandpa!” Yup, I have and I am not too proud of it either.

And sometimes I still do it. It is just part of being a parent.
But then there are moments where we let the kids make the faces. When we give them permission to be themselves and let loose and make the craziest face they can think of. 
During my shoots, I always let the kids have their time. Let them go crazy and give me some funny faces. And then we all laugh.
Every time I see these images I chuckle. And their parents chuckle. And the kids chuckle.
I thought you might like to see a few of the most recent funny faces – one of them even ended up being on this year’s Christmas card!
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