It tugged at my heart. {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

I put my heart into my photography, that is for sure. And after I finish editing a client’s session, I always watch their music slideshow in full to be sure that everything has come together like I want it to – and I always get choked up. I could blame it on the fact that it is usually 2:00am and I am exhausted, but I think it has more to do with the fact that my heart is right there in that slideshow too. And it makes me feel good.

Something a little deeper happened for me when I was editing Owen and Elijah’s images. Owen is just three and a toehead like my little Abe. When I was editing images of him there were times that I felt like I was looking at my own son. His little ear. His blond hair. His cute feet. The furrowed brow. Having a little boy is one of the greatest gifts God can give a mother, and to be so close to Owen’s images really made my heart tug about my own little gift from God.

And then there is Elijah. In six months I will have a little newborn too, and it was so fun for me to dream about snuggling and kissing my new baby, and since it is someone else’s newborn I can be in denial about all the bits about being up all night and getting spit up on all the time!

I did a couple 20×20 collection prints for their parents to look at and I love how they came together! My, what beautiful children…

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