It was all quite unusual…{Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

Two brand new parents – relaxed and comfortable with their new roles. One 10-day old baby – awake for the three hours I was there (except for the last 10 minutes!). And me – on my first full newborn photo shoot! Yes, quite unusual indeed.
Little Lauren’s parents were so gracious and patient, thank you! Little Lauren is an exceptional baby. She is beautiful and was so alert and content for the whole shoot. She must feel very loved…

Lauren’s parents didn’t want to be in the images but I had to sneak a few in while we were taking breaks (a.k.a trying to get her to sleep).

Of course as were were taking rings on toes images, she fell asleep – just as I was about to leave. Yes, one of the first lessons of parenthood is that control is only an illusion!

Lauren’s room is a great green with blues and yellows. I wanted to do a collage to tie in some of those colors and her alphabet bedding.
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