It’s all fun and games until someone poops in the tub…{Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

The room was steamy. He had a twinkle in his eyes. I sat on his lap and we kissed. I felt a bit self-conscious. We glanced at our kids in the bathtub. My one-year-old son was watching us and smiling. We smiled back. I thought about how great my family is. And then my son’s face changed. Parents – you know this look – he went from the cute smile to a very slight squint. Yup, THE squint! We jumped up and did our best to clear the tub before the damage was done but we were too late. 

I stripped down and took both kids (now crying from our speedy movements) into the shower for some serious scrubbing. My hubby did towel and diaper and bedtime duty. And as he settled down to read our squeaky clean kids their bedtime story, he turned to me with that twinkle again and said, “Maybe when I am done we can pick up where we left off.” I smiled and walked out of the room to clean the dirty bathtub and toys while thinking about how different men and women are.
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