The alternative. {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

Abe has been going through a screaming phase. Can’t get his sock on? Loud scream of frustration. Sister stole his truck? Loud scream of frustration.

So today when he did another shrill frustration scream, he and I had a chat. I again told him that screaming was not ok and that he had to talk instead {which he does quite well by now}. I told him that when he gets frustrated he could make a “grrrr” noise and clench his teeth and fists to blow off some steam. I did this for him a couple of times.

Grrr. Teeth and fists clenched. Grrrr. Teeth and fists clenched. See? Easy. Frustration gone.

Then I asked him to try. He did exactly as I had just showed him with a little added pre-learned twist. Grrrr. Teeth and fists clenched. Stomp foot while saying a frustrated “dammit!” under his breath. I was so surprised that I had to turn away to conceal my laughter. {Let me just interject at this point to say that in no way do I condone children swearing and in general do not find it funny – but really- when your child says a minor swear word and executes it so perfectly, it just takes you by surprise and you have to have one of those hiding-your-laughter-because-it-is-wrong moments!} I was at such a loss for words that our conversation just ended. For lack of a better strategy I decided to accept the screams for the rest of the day and ponder over a better response for next time. After all, the screams were better than his alternative. Just another fine parenting day…

So this post doesn’t go photoless, I am including a photo from when we went to see Cinderella at the Children’s Theater on December 31st. Notice Abe’s new haircut and my cheeks getting chubbier…:)

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