Joyful Journey: Potty Break {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

The alley next to the store I Like You was cool. The lighting was good. He had on a cute sweater. But my 3-year old had to go to the bathroom. And as he was jumping around grabbing himself, all I could think about was how I could still get the shot despite my son’s obvious discomfort. “Just a couple more shots!” I kept thinking. “Maybe just headshots instead!” Yes, sometimes hindsight doesn’t make me look too good.

But these hindsights are how we learn.

The funny thing? In the end I do not like the shots from that alley. Sure, they are kind of funny in a strange sort of way, but they are not what I want to hang on my walls. And my mind was so stressed about his bladder that I could not focus on photography. Forgive me for sharing these photos with the world, Abe…

After Abe relieved himself, he changed clothes and we walked to the next location. And I love the next series of images of him. They hang on my walls. They are all over my website. They make my heart beat a little faster for him.

The lesson? Sometimes we need to STOP, even though it may seem like everything is just right. I was in a great alley. The lighting was good. Abe was cute. But I was forcing it. Neither of us could concentrate. I was distracted and could not produce images that live up to my quality standards. Abe was just jumping and laughing and grabbing himself despite my best efforts to distract him. And the whole time I kept thinking I could find something good through all of this.

Once I stopped trying to make “perfect” work, everything fell back into place. I found my stride. Abe had fun. And the final images turned out way better than the ones I thought I needed to have. The images after we stopped “perfect” make me want to find him and kiss his cheeks.

Funny how sometimes wonderful things come after we stop forcing ourselves into what we think is great. It was a good potty break lesson…

By the way, I thought of this lesson because I was in I Like You last week {if you have not been there yet you should go!}. I was chatting with some ladies there and mentioned that I had done a shoot in the alley next to their store. After I left I Like You, I went to another store and tried on clothes. As I was looking at myself in the dressing room mirror I noticed that there was a large piece of broccoli in my teeth from dinner. Yes, I had this green chunk in my teeth the entire time I was shopping and chatting that evening. Perhaps this post should have been about looking in the mirror more often…

  • February 11, 2011 - 5:28 pm

    Jenifer Domenico - Beautiful images Jessie!

  • February 22, 2011 - 8:02 am

    libbie - Okay if he’s not the most gorgeous kid in the world!!! What a cutie!!! Hope you guys are all doing great!!!

    Isn’t that hat Alley’s are for? Potty breaks :) A few weeks ago Bo had to go soooooo bad i just pulled over & he went in the grass :) Shhhhh…don’t tell anyone :)

    I just correrected the links on my blog so they match up again…sorry about that! I will have to check out that store too! Thanks for the tip!

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