Love in a boy’s life…{Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

He was speaking in almost a whisper. I had to put down my camera and lean in close to hear 6-year old Bennett count to 20 in Chinese. Then we moved on to “dog” and “mom” and “brother,” and you could see he was proud. And he should be. Chinese immersion school was paying off.

Then, just as I was taking a moment to think about what a gentle soul he is, he grabbed a stick and used it to “shoot” his 3-year old brother, Henry. Yup, the gentle soul shooting his brother. That sounds about right for a 6-year old boy.
And although there was lots of shooting and running and shooting (yes, I meant to include that twice), there was also that moment we were waiting for. The moment when two brothers let down their guard and Henry snuggled up to Bennett and rested his head on his shoulder. It was love, even if only for a moment. At least, it was what we adults think of as love. But I seem to know that in a boy’s life, love comes not only in the moment of a head resting on a shoulder, but also in a moment of an intense headlock. Or in this case, in the moment of a fierce stick shootout.

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