Mama J {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

I have a soft spot for teachers. The idea of schools and teachers gives me the warm fuzzies. My mom was a teacher for 28 years and I admired her greatly. We always rode to school together and I would play in her classroom before school started. And when I “grew up,” I would chaperone school trips with her class and visit her classroom for special events. When I became a flight attendant (that’s another story), my mom convinced me to come to her classroom and give a presentation. I felt so dumb standing there in my flight attendant uniform showing a group of 5th graders how to buckle your seatbelt.
And then it was time for questions and they were fighting to ask me questions. (There must be some unwritten rule that whomever holds their arm in the air the highest and squirms like they have to go to the bathroom will get the next chance to ask their important question. I love the kids that don’t really have a question prepared but rather like the contest of being picked and then do the “Um…. uh… do they have… videos games on airplanes?”) I admit that this attention sure made a girl feel good. Yup, another reason to love teachers and school.
Those teachers leave lasting impressions on us. They shape us. And one such high school home ec teacher inspired Mama J Creations. Mama J was like a feisty grandma teaching you how to sew. The kind you love, but just can’t help but put pins in your mouths to get her riled up!
And she would be proud to see the products bearing her nickname. They are so cute and stylish, and yes Mama J, so well made! 
I had the privilege of photographing some of the purses in the product line. The bags are works of art and I hope you enjoy the photographs… 

  • November 22, 2008 - 10:20 am

    Anonymous - Are these Christa’s “bags”? Love them!!! Does she have a website? Is she selling them to a particular store?


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