My family’s potential disaster! {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

I owe this blog post to you and I hope you heed my advice.
My three-year-old wants to do everything I do (which is both good and bad!). The other day I cleaned the bathroom, and after I finished with the shower I decided to turn on the water for a quick rinse-off shower. My son was sleeping and my daughter was coloring at the table and pre-occupied for a few minutes (or so I thought).
When I got out of my shower and stepped into the hallway, the floor was wet. Before I could even ask my daughter what had happened, she came around the corner holding the cleaning solution I was just using! My daughter, playing with my bathroom cleaning solution! She had sprayed the spray all over and was now standing in front of me with both the spray solution and the scrub I had used in the shower.
But here is the good part. Instead of calling a poison center I knew all was well. I knew that she was safe despite my mistake of leaving the cleaning supplies within her reach. I knew this because I only use these amazing natural cleaning products called Simply Neutral. In that moment, I fell even deeper in love with these family-safe cleaning products and knew I needed to blog about them, letting you know how our potential disaster was avoided.
I must stop right here and tell you that I first used this product because I have taken all the photos (both product and people) for their brand. I got the perk of keeping the products that I used in the shoots and I LOVED them immediately! So much so that I bought some for both my sister-in-laws and asked Simply Neutral for samples that I could hand out to people. Let me assure you, other than being their photographer, I get nothing for spreading the good word about this company. I just believe in them and their products!
I will spare you the kid-safe and environment-safe details here. Their website is much better at that than I could ever be. I just felt like I needed to share my story with you in hopes that you get some of this product for your family and keep them safe too!!
Ironically, a couple days after this incident I had to shoot a few more products for them including some of this Mad Green Towel. Their awesome product list is growing and I cannot say enough great things about them!
Please check out their website and try their products. Again, I don’t get anything from this. I actually feel like I am doing my blog readers the favor here.:)
  • January 24, 2010 - 6:42 pm

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