Ode to Baked Beans {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

Two days had passed and still no shower,

Feeling feverish my breath smelled sour.
Starving children pulling at my legs,
It was lunchtime, and I didn’t even have eggs.
No milk, no bread, not much else,
And I was so sick without any help.
But kids don’t care if mom is ill,
They just want it or they start to shrill.
And then I saw it, my lifesaver on the shelf,
A can of baked beans, I wanted to yelp.
No work required, just open and heat,
And just enough sugar to get them to eat.
A break for me, Yea! I could fulfill their need,
And without too much guilt, don’t beans have protein?
So today I dedicate this blog to the beans,
A bit strange I know, but heartfelt indeed.

  • October 24, 2008 - 1:09 pm

    D Luke - Fantastic!

    You’re a clever one, you are!
    The only thing better would be a picture of what the kids looked like after eating the beans.

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