Parent’s Delight {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

When I heard that Abby’s mom, Jen, was taking Friday off to prepare for the party, I was impressed. She made a big birthday cake and cupcakes. She made her special jambalaya. And she made homemade cookies on a stick, all personally decorated with the names of all the kids who were attending the shindig. She made the day so special, and this was afterall, a most special day.

Two years ago, Jen went to the Dr. for her normal 32-week pre-natal appointment. Her blood pressure was way off, and she was rushed to the hospital to deliver her baby. It was a rough go for Jen (to put it nicely), and her new baby only weighed 2 lbs 7 oz at birth. The Dr. told her that had her appointment been one day later she would have lost the baby. One month after Abby was born, Jen brough her home from the hospital – all 3 lbs 11 oz of her! She was a miracle and a gift, and this 2nd birthday was a special day.
Abby played hard with friends and delighted in eating her birthday treats. Then the moment came to open gifts. And gift one was a home run and I thought the show was over. Yes, Abby was so thrilled with her new shopping cart that her body language pretty much said, “Thanks for coming, folks. It was a great time. You can all continue on with my party, but I am off with my new shopping cart, the best present in the whole world! See you next year.” At least that was the case until she got a baby. Yes, the other best present in the whole world! Oh to be two again, loving each thing like it was the best you have ever seen.
But while Abby was looking at her new presents with delight, her parents were looking at her with delight. Their little miracle was two. And she is beautiful and happy and enjoying this life. And what a special thing that is.

Miss Abby loves her big brother Jordan. When we were looking at the selects, she would excitedly shout his name every time she saw an image of him.
This post was almost titled “Photoshop can only do so much” as Abby was always eating, and true to her two-year-old style, most of her fare ended up on her face. And on her clothes. And in her hair… 
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