Reminder {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

I don’t remember her details. I do not have a picture of her in my mind. I have an impression. Of happiness. Of kindness. Of a good marriage – a partnership. She and her husband watched my daughter in the nursery while I was at Bible study, and they didn’t just play with the kids – they brought crafts. They told stories. They warmly took the children and I felt that my daughter was in good hands. In solid Christian hands of a faithful pair.
Then yesterday she awoke like you and I. She went about her day like you and I. She went to the store, perhaps like you and I. But then the story changed – she was hit and killed in the parking lot by a drunk driver. Gone at 66-years old, right in front of her husband. Right before Christmas. It was heartbreaking and senseless and tragic. And I sit here heavy-hearted for her family.
Perhaps I should not blog about this. Perhaps I should keep it all professional and happy. But if you have read any of my previous blogs, you know that I cannot do that. I believe in being authentic and real. And more importantly, I believe in reminders. Sometimes we all need them. 

So tonight I am reminded to be thankful for the people I have in my life. Tonight I will hug my children for an extra moment. I might read them an extra story. I will not work late into the night, but crawl into bed with my husband and hold him tight. 

And tonight as I am trying to sleep I will be praying for her family. Perhaps you will be too.
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