The baker’s kids have no doughnuts. {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

The baker’s kids have no doughnuts. Or is it the teacher’s kids can’t spell? Or something about kids not having any shoes. Anyway, it’s some quote my dad always says meaning that when you do something professionally, you don’t come home and do it too.

And it has happened to me. Well, not completely as I can’t really ever seem to put the camera down, but I have given up formal photo shoots with my kids. That is until recently. I wanted to experiment with color backgrounds, and who better to practice on then my own children?
The plan always sounds good. We head up to my dad’s place and set up a studio and the kids act perfect and I get shots that bring a tear to my eyes. Ah yes. A girl can dream, can’t she?
Well, needless to say it did not go as I had dreamed but I must admit that a few of these shots touch my heart…

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