The Rock Star. {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

My prediction is an extreme snowboarder. Or maybe a karate master. Actually, I am going to go for major rock star. Yes, that’s it. 

Let’s run him through the potential rock star test:
Love of music? Check.
Comfortable with his shirt off? Check.
Amazing blue eyes to make the girls melt? Check.
Wild hair to shake around? Check.
Loud voice for screaming out lyrics? Check.
Excitement and enthusiasm that is contagious? Check.
Well, I guess that that’s it. Rock star it is! I am happy to be a part of his life now so I can share stories about the famous Joey when he makes it big. “I knew Joey when he was just a year old! Yes, I got him to take off his shirt!” My memory is not so great. I had better write this stuff down.
I hope you enjoy some of the photographs from our shoot…

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