The truth through the excitement. {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

They were in the airport about to catch a plane back to Minneapolis when one of them had the crazy idea of spontaneously catching a flight to Vegas instead and eloping. Right then. Right there. For all time.

“Should we?” they thought. And then the truth became clearer than the excitement of the moment. The truth that they treasure their family and friends dearly, and could not imagine commiting their lives to each other without them there. The truth that while this is a special moment between two very private people, it was important to open their hearts and love, and take the day to show everyone what they mean to each other. So they boarded their flight home to Minneapolis and continued on with their wedding plans.

Then January rolled around and their big day arrived, and Jess and Brian dedicated their lives to loving each other. They never wandered far from each others’ side. They kissed {a lot}. They were completely in tune to the other. They laughed and danced and gazed into each others’ eyes. They were connected in a way one rarely gets to see. In a way that only two independent and capable people whose lives are happier because of each other can connect. It was wonderful. And all their loved ones were there to share in their day – which made it all the more special for Jess and Brian.

Thank you Jess and Brian for letting us be a part of your day. You have a wonderful way of putting forth the effort to create beautiful things while still maintaining perspective and fun attitudes. You are two wonderful people whom I hope can come over for dinner and wine and friendship when this whole business relationship is complete {Well, you can all have wine – give me another five months!}! Many blessings to your future, which I know will be nothing short of wonderful…

I was so in love with Jess’s jewelry for the day {she has amazing taste in everything!}. The jewelry was designed by Meg Lammers of MEG Jewelry, and Jess purchased it at It was so gorgeous that I want an excuse to buy and wear this, but for some reason a pregnant mom of two young children at the grocery store just doesn’t seem to fit this jewelry. Oh well.

Jess and Brian wanted a day full of candids and shared moments between loved ones, so we really didn’t do many posed images. But my Luke managed to sneak one in while hanging out with Brian. My, oh my, Brian is so handsome and confident.

This is Jess’s reaction to Brian when she saw him at their first look. She was so emotional and excited, and about a half a second after this last frame she was almost running to him. It was very touching to see their joy in each other, to say the least.

And we couldn’t forget Gavin – one of the nicest little boys I know! He was so ga-ga over Jess all day long…

Her beautiful bouquet was from Richfield Flowers and Events.

The weather was frigid that day {high of five degrees!}! They were such good sports to step outside for a minute so I could get a few shots in the entry. I cannot decide which of the two images below I like better, but they are both two of my favorites from the day…

We almost didn’t do any group shots {again, Jess and Brian LOVE the candid moments best}, but I am so glad we did. This is such a fun group of people, and their group shots, although “posed,” were still very relaxed. Perhaps a bit too relaxed…

The atmosphere at the Campus Club for the reception was so perfect. Elegant and not overdone – Just like Jess and Brian. Richfield Flowers and Events did an amazing job on the lighting.

Dear family friends of Brian’s won the “Married the Longest” dance, and I think you can tell that Jess and Brian were thrilled…

Final note – these two are amazing dancers! So good, that when Luke and I left and got in the car, Luke turned to me and said, “Wow, Brian can really dance!” What a fun day…

  • February 10, 2010 - 2:00 pm

    Marcia (Jessica's Mom) - Each time I look at these amazing pictures I smile, and laugh and get all teary eyed (that would be the “first look” pictures of Jessica). Thank you so much for capturing their love for each other in all of these wonderful photos. :) We will treasure them forever!

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