The two-dog road trip…{Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

Had I received an invitation, not only would I have declined, but I would have laughed at the thought. Two women. Two large dogs. Driving from L.A. to New York City. In a Mini. Yes, you heard me, in a Mini Cooper.
But seeing these two women I must admit that I was a bit jealous of their road trip. As they drove off with the open road ahead, I got in my car and answered my two-year old’s question “Why?” about 100 times. They were heading for Chicago and unsure of their exact plans for the next day. Should they sleep in? What tourist things should they do? I was heading home to change the poopy diaper my daughter loudly announced that she had. But as we got home and I changed the diapers and gave the snacks and read the stories and got the kids ready for naps, my daughter turned to me and – completely unprompted – said, “I love you, mom.” It was followed by the biggest hug and smile. Maybe staying here isn’t so bad.
Enjoy the images from our photo shoot at the dog park…

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