The Unaware Beauty {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

There are a few things you should know before I begin my story…
Grace Ann is now one year old and such a beautiful little girl. I have photographed her before and love those eyes and cheeks. She can light up a room, and even as the exhausted guest-of-honor she was still a delight. I do not want anyone to think that her turning one was not a great thing, but let’s be honest here – these first birthday parties are not for them, they are for us. They are for us parents to beam with pride and reminisce and show off our little treasure. These parties say that we have survived a year of babyville and have not yet run away from home (at least not permanently).
And now onto my story. Grace was a little late to her party. Her mom, Elizabeth, had to wake her up to attend. When they finally arrived, I knew something then for sure. I knew that Elizabeth was one of the most beautiful moms I have ever seen. Perhaps some fancy dancy author could describe her glow better than I, but that is what I must call it – a glow. She glowed with her little Grace Ann all day. She glowed. And she was beautiful. At one point her grandmother (also Grace) and I were both quietly admiring Elizabeth. She leaned into me and said, “I have always thought of Elizabeth as an unaware beauty.” It was the perfect description for her from such a wise woman.
I wanted to capture Elizabeth in my images but knew that Grace was our girl for the day. But I have to admit that I snuck in a few of Elizabeth. Because 30 years from now they will all want to remember Grace on her first birthday. But Grace will want to see her parents glow. Grace will want to see the joy and love in their faces. And that glow. Did I mention the glow?
I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from the day…

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