The “Vacation” {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

They say that when you do what you love you will never work a day in your life. Is that the right quote? You know what I mean. That if you love what you do for a living it will never feel like “work” even though you are working.

Then there is the flip side. When you do what you love, you can never really take a vacation. You kind of miss your work. It is such a part of you. Darn those passions!

So I was on one of those vacations at my in-laws’ cabin for the 4th of July. And I met Eavie. She and I took one look at each other and smiled…a photo shoot was inevitable!

Eavie is seven months old. She is incredibly beautiful. She was wearing the cutest little plaid shirt. And she could not stop smiling and giggling at me. Really smiling. Really. And when Eavie smiles, her entire face smiles. Her eyes smile. Her cheeks and mouth, and even her nose, smiles. She really was too cute. The weather was perfect. And my camera was right next to me as of course I was taking photos of my family from the day. With the exception of me being in my swimsuit, it was perfect! How could we not have a spontaneous mini-session right then and there?

During our time together (a whole 15 minutes!), I learned that Eavie recently had her portraits taken. Her mom took her to an unnamed studio (of which there is one in your town no doubt) and had a terrible time. The man taking the portraits was in her face right away and made her cry for most of the session. There was only one shot from the session that where Eavie was kind of not crying. It was not a good experience. 

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to have this beautiful little girl smiling at me, begging for a photo session! Her daddy’s birthday is in July and he deserves a fun photograph of his baby girl. I sure hope they like the images!

Here are a few of my favorites…





The next day they came over to say goodbye, and Eavie was in the cutest little dress for the 4th…and two cabins down there was a blue cabin and, well, I couldn’t resist again! She is the prettiest little girl!





I couldn’t resist making one of my new client favorites with some of Eavie’s images. How fun would it be to have one 20×20 print like this for every year of your child’s life?! I have visions of a hallway full of these from the years and some day when the kids are grown you can just walk down the hallway and see your kids grow up again before your eyes. I get misty-eyed just thinking about it.


CONFESSION! Yes, Eavie liked me. But she really loved my little Bella, who managed to bring out the best in her. Eavie’s face lit up for Bella and it was so fun to see. Apparently during the little shoot, Bella was by my side the entire time, mimicking me. My husband said it was the cutest thing. I get a little “in the zone” during shoots so I have to admit that I wasn’t paying too much attention to Bella, but I did manage to get one shot of her acting like a little photographer. She is using her play cell phone as a camera. And since this was a spontaneous shoot near the lake, Bella is in her skivvies after swimming for a while. I am completely touched by her mimicking me. How I love that little girl…



  • July 10, 2009 - 7:20 pm

    Carol Heffernan - Oh my goodness — words cannot express how grateful I am to you for taking these pictures! I started reading your words to Kevin and couldn’t get past the first sentence before becoming too choked up to read the rest. The photos of our little lady are just beautiful and we will cherish them for a lifetime.

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