There’s no place like home. {Minneapolis Wedding Photographer}

Don’t we all just want to be “home”? That place where you can be yourself? Where you can laugh freely and rest your soul without fear? Where your heart lives and where your fancy red shoes and barn boots fit perfectly together? Yes, home is a place worth fighting and waiting for.

Lisa and Mike have had full lives. They have been married before. They have children and step-children. They have their own quirks and hobbies and interests. They are not new to life. But they were never home. They were searching.

Like Dorothy.

Lisa has loved Dorothy for a very long time. You know, the Dorothy. The midwest girl who gets thrown into a situation and has some crazy monkey-witch battles. The girl who stands tall and strong and keeps on the path, hoping to go home in the end. The Dorothy, who, along the way, meets some of her best friends. The kind of friends who help each other on the path only to discover that they were helping themselves too. And all the time she has a little dog under her arm. Her constant companion. Yes, Lisa loves that Dorothy.

And let me assure you that this is no coincidence. This is Lisa’s story too. This is her core and she is wonderful for it.

And now she headed home to where her heart is. Where Mike is. Where they both can laugh freely and rest their souls without fear. Where Lisa can hang her fancy red shoes and her barn boots.

Welcome home Lisa and Mike.


Mike is a talented piano player who worked hard for months before the wedding playing and recording all the music for the big event! Lisa did her part too – she wrote the entire ceremony.


You may recognize the little pumpkin in the images below as she is my little Bella! Lisa is a dear family friend of ours. I was so honored when she asked Bella to be in the wedding and me to photograph it. It was a blessing. And fortunately Bella didn’t do too bad for her first wedding.











Lisa and Mike, we wish you many blessings over the years. It was so wonderful to be a part of your day and feel the love between you two. It has also been my pleasure to work on all the wedding images and re-live your wonderful day. It was beautiful.

Here is their slideshow if you would like to view it…

  • July 29, 2009 - 10:06 am

    Lisa Murray - Jess –

    Your work allows me to re-live my entire wedding – you have captured such wonderful memories for Mike and me (and I hope for Bella too!). I am deeply touched by the words of your blog and the pictures leave me awe-struck. You are so talented – I am so blessed to have you in my life. With much love – Lisa

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