To thine own self be true {Minneapolis Wedding Photographer}

“The vows,” he said. “And my dad giving me away,” she added. They could have easily said the dress or the fancy location shots. They could have focused the conversation on extravagant food or the rings. Or the kiss of course (admittedly my probable first answer!).
But when I asked them what the most important things about their wedding day were, I got answers that were genuine and real, answers that went deep to the heart, just like them.
And when their big day came they held onto each other while still being themselves. They kissed lovingly. They shared laughs. They didn’t give me big fake smiles just because they thought they should. They embraced families, both old and new. But most importantly, they held hands and looked into each others eyes…and they exchanged vows, for a lifetime together.
It was beautiful, and true, and so genuine. “It just feels like they should be marrying each other,” his mom said. “They just seem to fit. They seem so right.” And anyone watching them that day would have agreed.
Thank you, Jason and Jen, for letting me photograph your wedding. For knowing it was my first wedding, and trusting me anyways. For tolerating the click click of my camera all day. For letting me in. For going in the middle of a field in Iowa in freezing (literally) weather. For sharing your day, and yourselves, with me.
Your friendship and love is obvious and I wish you many, many, many years of happiness!

Jason and Jen opted to see each other before the ceremony… 

The sunset was so amazing. The fields next to the church were so beautiful. And Jason and Jen are so photogenic! Yes, a photographers dream. But…Jason and Jen were incredibly tired of having their photographs taken. They were ready to go out and live it up with their friends. The fields outside were full of, well, manure. Not to mention the fact that Jen was in sandals and a strapless wedding dress and it was only about 20 degrees outside! 
After a little persuasion (begging?) the bride and groom braved the cold for one last shoot and I am so glad that they did! Jason and Jen did an amazing job posing in the freezing cold and we got some great shots from their efforts.
After we all came in (freezing), I think that Jen pretty much summed it up when she said, “That was a real kick in the butt!”
{You may have noticed a change in my logo from A Kid’s Life Photography to Joyful Girl Photography. Yup, some big changes are coming…}
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