Top Secret. {Minneapolis Children’s Photographer}

I stood there scratching my head. Ok, well, not really. But I spent lots of time at this shoot pondering what I wanted. Thinking and himming and hawing {I have never in my life spelled those two words even though I say them quite often!}. How on earth do you make your plain Jane household cleaning items look cool? Him…Haw…

When I photograph kids and weddings, I don’t have the luxury of time. I don’t get to stand there and putz and think and re-do. I just have to go with my heart and my gut and my experience – and it is a thrill. But last Saturday I got the thrill of himming and hawing over how to make a cast iron pot look cool. And I loved it {I know that I am in the right profession when I think that that was fun!}

You have heard me mention simplyneutral before. Not only do I have the pleasure of being their photographer, but I am also a big believer of their products and love using them in my home. {No worries, I will not give you my pitch here again as I have done in past blogs – just so you know, I profit nothing from their sales – my thoughts are just straight from my heart.} Anyway, they are making some exciting changes to their brand! I will not give anything more away because it is top secret {I just made that up to make myself feel cool and it kind of worked}, but here is a little sneak peek for now. By the time you see these again they will look quite a bit different…

  • January 30, 2010 - 12:35 pm

    Frances - Jessie – I never thought I would be proud of a pot….but I am very proud of a potholder. You have captured my potholder! I too like simplyneutral, for some many reasons… I adore their model, and their photographer too! I think you “himmed and hawwed” the perfect amount, to make this photo shoot just perfect for these prodocts.

    You have DONE IT AGAIN! We are soooooo glad to be a part of it!

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