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St Paul Photographers | While I continue to be a very busy photographer and mom, looking at my blog history over the last few years you can see that I have gradually become an infrequent blogger. It seems like the busier I get with clients, and the busier I get with my kids, the less time I take for blogging. I still care deeply about my clients and enjoy writing about our sessions and sharing their images (I even miss doing those long blog posts!), but at the end of the day there is only so much time, and in this season of my life I have to drop some things off the to-do list in order to survive and thrive!

I will keep updating you with fun news (like my new Spring Booking Gift!), and new products (like the new jewelry I will start featuring), I am just going to stop feeling guilty that I no longer have the time to blog every client session anymore.


And because I have to have an image with every post (I am a photographer after all!), here are three reasons why I do not have time for the frequent, lengthly blog posts anymore…

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